A major trend at the moment revolves around street style.Now many people don’t really understand or “get” what street style really means.Some people think that it has some rules or boundaries or somethings that makes IT what IT is.And that is true in some sense, but not in the sense that makes couture what it is .Street style does not have extreme or direct rules  like couture does.All that you have to keep in mind is that you should never keep your ideas in the box.When i say that i don’t mean you should go full on avant-garde , but more of a wearable type of situation.Unlike normal fashion brands, street style brands don’t always play by the rules of the game.Cult classic ,VETEMENTS has been known for there 77 collaborations in one year,and they’ve also been known for sending “different” models than the fashion world deams worthy(old, pregnant,handicapped,transgender)down the runway.

          Brands like VETEMENTS and BALENCIAGA have been at the top of there game as of late.Esspecially with the appointment of Demna Gvasali as the iconic houses creative direction.Demna has been known for his out there and on the edge ways ,his sense of street style really took off after leaving Louis Vuitton to take over the role that alexander wang was playing in Balenciaga.The love of teens and young adults for street brands stems from them being really rebellious and different ,teens are usually more interested on making a statement then they are of being “in” because when it comes to street style or fashion, no one is “in” because there are no expectation.Wear what your comfortable with ,and never dare to give a damn about what “ most people” think ,because if those people  don't like it , there not forced to look at it.You are not 
obliged to follow someones ideals or standards other than your own.



            Paris fashion week has finally reigned upon us, and with it come new trends, new it girls , and best of all new fashion! Ill be rounding up my favorite shows and my favorite looks from these shows.Along with them i will also be picking out trends that i see on the runways.


Staying true to her brand McCartney,s collection went along with her "chic hippie" 
aesthetic . But that doesn't mean it prevailed , the collection was well equipped with its fair share of corsets and fitted pants.All around a very put together collection, As per usual.



Chanel was ready to lift us and everybody at the grande palais up into orbit, with its 
"usual" exuberant set design featuring a gigantic (operating) space shuttle in the center of the action.
Paying tribute to outer space , the pieces all had an extra terrestrial feel.With some looks even featuring astronaut and lunar prints on them.The collection didn't shy away from color either, with reds,navies, and even metallics being thrown into the mix!


Demna Gvasali paid homage to the king of couture himself Cristobal Balenciaga.Finding inspiration from his early couture works ,Gvasali modernized the looks and even incorporated car interiors into the collection!


The house stayed true to its simple parisian chic style which exaggerates a woman
body into a work of art , the collection was very simple and neutral with its colors but they did not shy away from the exaggerated sellhouets .With giant fleece scarfs , and flowy skirts being studded down the runway. And I've been seeing a repeated trend on this seasons runways, Metallics , Celine incorporated the metallic trend into some of their shoes!


Riccardo tisci,s sudden exit  from Givenchy sparked some rumors
of their NOT being a collection this season , but the Givenchy creative team has put together a collection honoring the iconic designer.The team put together looks from riccardos past collection for house , but they made some adjustments to the pieces by flipping all the colors into RED!!


One of the most talked about shows of the season , the Rihanna collaboration with puma
has proven its self worthy of the high ranks at paris fashion week once again!
With the major theme being FENTY UNIVERSITY , the runway was in the national library.The collection was full of "Rihanna-esque" pieces, from huge jackets , to shrunken shirts and skirts.The collection was the epidemy of high fashion rebel.


Miuccia Prada has done it again!
Every season my favorite show is ALWAYS Miu Miu,its poppy yet chic,colorful yet classy, over the top yet toned down. Theres just nothing to hate from this collection! Fur was definitely a key factor here, with fur adorning jackets, shoes , bags , and everything in between. But the thing that stood out the most to me was the color!Colors are a Miu Miu staple , but that doesn't mean that it was just colorful! Quite literally some pieces didn't have any color at all! THEY WERE CLEAR!!! But we still saw the metallic trend popping through on some pieces!


 Kendall jenner is my favorite model when it comes to off-duty style, so this weeks
fashion inspo comes straight from the books of Kendall Jenner street style.I was looking around for some fashion inspo on instagram during Milan fashion week , when i came upon this picture of Kendall on her way to the Versace show during fashion week.And i immediately fell in love with her oversized-vintage shirt tucked into oversized black jeans.So i dove into my closet and i found two pieces that are not only my favorite color, but there also perfect for this look.

These pieces were my oversized Burgundy camo ZARA shirt and my Burgundy leather ankle boots!
And funny thing is, the only oversized pants i found were PERFECT for this look but they were school pants (not to mention they were cargo pants). But i still took the risk, and it worked out just fine!

Pairing these items with some simple accessories like this vintage jordan cap and a manipulated Gucci belt was just the perfect touch , that didn't overthrow the dramatic silhouette of this entire look!

Please share like,and comment your thoughts about this look!



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The Oscars are THE time for celebrities to pull out there greatest looks, whether it be by 
taking a risk (doesn't always turnout so well) or by going with a classically beautiful statuesque oscars gown.This year there where many hits and misses, but there were also plenty of looks that shook the life out of you .Im gonna try to separate the looks into two categories , best and worst dressed!


Kirsten Dunst in Dior couture
 Kirsten is one of my all-time favorites when it comes to red carpet looks.When it comes to this years carpet , she couldn't have gone wrong with a simple structured couture gown.And this dress from the resent Dior couture collection by Maria Grazia fits every criteria in the Disney princess rule book!

Janelle monae in Elie Saab couture
Elie saab is the perfect designer for an oscars gown , he's classic,chic and his looks are always memorable on the carpet. Although i feel this look to be a little excessive with the accessories its still extremely elegant and princess-like.

Octavia Spencer in Marchesa
Also a very "red carpet friendly" designer, this Marchesa look is GORGEOUS on Octavia . Although a little bit on the safe side for the Academy awards , it really does sculpt her body and  accentuate her vibrant skin.

Viola Davis in custom Armani
Viola Davis OWNED  2017 in general, but she DOMINATED the Academy awards red carpet.She dazzled in this off the shoulder custom made confection by Armani . MY JAW DROPPED TO THE GROUND when she set foot on the red carpet in this look.

Taraji p. henson in Alberta Ferretti
Taraji is my favorite actress at the moment (Hidden figures slayed my existence).She looked like a  modern day Marilyn Monroe ,which kinda brings me back to lady gagas 2016 Golden globes dress by Versace . All around a very clean chic and breathtaking look.


Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton
Now excuse me if i say...this dress is just plane gross!
The shoulders, the "corset", the length . I just literally hate everything about this dress.
On the upside she looks great , her jewelry is amazing , and i die for those shoes.

Charlize Theron in Dior
I don't necessarily hate this dress or any thing else in this look! Its just the combination or styling of this look . Charlize is a beautiful statuesque woman who is also very tall which is usually a good thing,but not so much for this look. Everything about this look is gorgeous ,just not the dress on her tall , slender body.It just doesn't fit right!!

Leslie Mann in Zac Posen
I love the color , i love the bodice, i love her hair....thats it.
The rest of the dress looks like a giant wrinkled pillow case.

Halle berry in Versace
I feel so bad saying this because i love halle so much , but this feels like a 2000,s dress if you know what i mean.Its just all types of NO , i love her hair and the bottom of the dress , its just this black detailing that ruins the entire look.

Over all a very good year for fashion at the oscars red carpet!

GUCCI FW 17/18 REVIEW (+favorites)

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GUCCI  has been killing the game lately with Alessandro Michele as there creative director.
I am especially amazed at the sheer volume and amount of pieces  that he creates each season especially this season with 115 looks going down the catwalk.
Even with that huge amount of pieces every pieces just captivates you with its intricate details.
Although sometimes unwearable ,some of Alessandros looks are considered art to me .
Other pieces that I've highlighted on this blog are wearable but still have that whimsical GUCCI essence!

This look is amazingly versatile with its colorful prints and relaxed bell bottom pants, it can be considered either streetwear or even formal wear for some.

This is personally my favorite look! i would DIE to get my hands on everything in this outfit especially the bag and boots.

Also one of my favorite looks, this look is simple yet very busy and unique.
With its proportions and color this look is still VERY much a "GUCCI" look despite its simplicity.

Once again we see Micheles whimsical mind go into play .
Although i doubt that that umbrella will help anyone in real life , it does elevate this look a lot tho, which is the key reason that this is also one of my favorite looks.

Although extremely over-the-top and EXTRA , this look is as I've mentioned before, like a piece of art that you just admire.(unless your really adventurous and got a lot of money to spend on a dress)
But it does play around with ruffles which are a huge trend right now.
Alessandro took the ruffle and multiplied its volume by 1000.

And for my final "favorite" look , i chose a look that i would ACTUALLY wear.
Those shoes, those pants,that shirt, that bag,and BITCH even those socks would be in my closet RN if i could actually afford this entire look!!!


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Some people prefer to not wear accessories , or not over do them (ME.) But that doesn't
mean that we don't like to add a little shazam to our outfits with "different" accessories like patches,pins,phone cases and hats.

The three accessories that i cant leave my house with out no matter what I'm wearing (doesn't apply to the hats) are my glasses,watch, and a good ol, cap if my outfit calls for it. As  you guys probably know from one of my previous posts i do consider glasses one of my favorite accessories despite what people think of them.


These tumblr inspired pins from MANGO give any plain shirt a cooler feel.
While very small in size they do have a certain cuteness to them that can add just a liiiittle hint of color to a pastel or toned down colored plane sweater or shirt.


I think people don't realize this but your phone is your best accessory!
Its always on you in many ways and it won't harm you to splurge on it as much as you would splurge on a  new pair of shades.So try to invest in a good quality designer phone case that can compliment your outfit while you get compliments too!!


These iron on appliqués have been popping up everywhere lately.They are easy to use
cheap and they make any outfit look more expensive and put together!!

Check back in tomorrow for my next post!


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Elie Saab is HANDS DOWN the most iconic middle eastern designer
of our age.His couture collections are always breathtaking and unique, although there are sometimes some pieces that seem repeated. Nevertheless the iconic designer always ceases to amaze me with his breathtaking collections .

 Him adding headbands and chunky gold jewelry looks like it could be inspired from classic arab womens style and heritage.

Although in my opinion his ready to wear collections are much more interesting and new,
his couture collections are classically beautiful which is certainly nothing to frown upon.Aspecially his latest collection that was inspired by Egypt and arab women , you could subtly see the influence in the collection with out him throwing head scarfs on the models heads. Its an ode to his home land and language which is a beautiful testament to his heritage as a person and designer.

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